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Club Organization

Welcome to the website for the Las Vegas High Rollers Motorcycle Club! We are a group of dedicated motorcycle enthusiasts who have successfully prospected, fulfilled the requirements, and were accepted as members of this club to enjoy the friendship and comradery of its members. Our Las Vegas Chapter was founded in January, 2000, who were all members of the casino industry at that time, as of now the members have come from all walks of life and different occupations. In 2005, a second chapter was founded in Laughlin, Nevada. We do our part by supporting the charitable events of other motorcycle clubs, and by putting on charitable events for organizations of our community. We also help to maintain motorcycle rights, and we vow to make a difference in our community.

Dedicated to Helping Others

The Las Vegas High Rollers Motorcycle Club has always helped out individuals and groups in need. We have gone above and beyond to attend the charitable runs and rides that have been put on by other motorcycle clubs locally as well as other locations, we hold events to raise money, so that we can donate to organizations in need of help. Over the years, we have raised over $250,000 for cancer research alone! While that’s quite a feat in itself, we have also donated over $30,000 to other charitable organizations.

Contact Information and Membership Request

If you live in the Las Vegas, NV area or the Laughlin, NV area and are interested in being a part of our organization then come on out to one of our meetings or rides and get to know the members and see what our club is all about. If you are still interested then you will need to request to be a hang around for a couple of months to become more acquainted with everyone and to learn how we ride together. But please keep in mind we only want members that want to be active, ride, and come to the meetings! Don’t waste our time and yours if you just want to get a patch, to be a patch holder and not be involved! Please feel free to contact us via the form below and someone will be in contact with you.


Las Vegas High Rollers Motorcycle Club

Las Vegas, NV 89128

Phone: 702-242-9535


Dedicated to Our Cause!

The Las Vegas High Rollers Motorcycle Club would love to take a moment to introduce you to our dedicated and passionate motorcycle club officers in Las Vegas, NV. These are the people that ultimately shape our motorcycle club, and along with our members make it a club anyone would be proud to be involved in in Las Vegas, NV. Next time you see these folks, give them a big high five for all the work that they do!

Our Crew Makes
Events Possible

Without our dedicated crew, our events and outings would not be possible. It takes a great deal of time, planning, energy, and plain old hard work to ensure our events and fundraisers are a success. We know that without them we would not be able to raise the money we do for charity, nor have half as much fun as we do raising it!

Join Our Crew!

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast that is looking for a great group of men and women to bike with and make a difference, why not
join us?

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